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Nov 25, 2012 7:00am PST
take, the military defense contractors who got paid off the books. >> right. >> taking health care away from poor people. >> the impact that we're seeing now may not be -- the consumers may not see it through them but we're seeing it through the banks and business who is are right now still being very conservative about who they're lending to and how they're doing business because they are spooked by these talks. much more so than consumers. >> why don't you see the business community, particularly in advance of the holiday shopping season, say, you know what, you guys are going to have to signal that you're going to resolve this because these are the weeks in which we make all our money for the year. we need consumers happy. we need them shopping. >> because those businesses are run by executives who don't want to pay higher taxes. it's not that complicated. >> we have jeff i am he will saying we need more revenue. you want to pay capital gains that equate -- there's silence from the business community when you talk to them. >> exactly. that's sufficient to explain it. ladies, you
Nov 24, 2012 7:00am PST
could go to a competitive school. so working with girls through gender equity, doing self-defense, also something that's male dominated has helped me see i can apply for a top school and can go for what i want. i think that definitely, the after-school programs have helped me the most with that. >> what does it say about us that i am this inspired by young women under 20? >> there is something kind of both fabulous and also appalling about how much they have accomplished. >> it is not appalling. i started thinking, what is the word. looking at both of you. both of you have got a lot of confidence because you were doing these events in school. it was part of, whether it was after school playing chess or you organizing and all that. so many kids don't have this way in which they can jump into something and feel like they own it. that piece of ownership that you know you did something that's really great and putting up the trophies and everything, growing up in high school is really hard. this is a moment where people pick at you for all sorts of things. if you can have this one thin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2